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September 20, 2008

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The Problem of an Unmanned Website

An unmanned website is web pages floating in space without direction. There is no publishing of new content, running a forum, blog, newsletter, or taking questions. This is a cost draining website, in that there will be hosting fees, and the entire investment in either time or money is lost through non use. Yes, some businesses put up websites just to have an address in cyberspace, for their customers to view.

This is a business venture with no one at the helm. For a website to have a permanent location in cyber space, and preserve and expand its domain it has to establish itself as a brand. The whole point of a website is to inform, and present ideas, solve problems, entertain, make a point, or instruct. In practice an individual business owner needs to be available to colleagues, customers, and viewers who find the website. Unfortunately this is not always the case; many people depend on an apparently untouched website to hopefully draw attention to their business.

A website welcomes people, and is an expression of the owner, and business model, to do this correctly the website needs to be evaluated, and updated to achieve maximum return. The easiest way to address this is to either to offer your own input, published written content from other sources, or hire out the job of periodically updating your pages. This is really a matter of getting involved, and spending some time adding content. It takes planning, and it will give your business PR coverage, with little to no cost.

How frequently you update is a matter of how well you are optimized. Unless someone comes to the website, which is of course the purpose of the pages, the circulation will dwindle without new information. A website stalls when no one is at the controls. Rolling out content will help you build a following. However, optimization will see that it gets read. One of the best things you can do is take the controls, and focusing on a destination, because the opportunities on the web are exciting and rewarding.

An unmanned website will cost the website, literally without getting involved the website will be immersed and drown, until it is taken down it will just be a reminder of an idea that didn’t come to pass. The initial idea is to have an exciting expression of your business ideas, providing instruction, participation, and service a community. A web page is an accumulation of information, attitude, theories, skills, and experience. These are valuable, and can benefit all that come upon this information in cyberspace.

There has to be a turnover of older information, and maintenance for the instruction, training, and information to be of value. Individuals at the receiving end want to find new information, and reinforcement of the previous content. Adding content has to be ongoing, when you consider that most people that revisit the pages are looking for newer information. Unmanned websites are going to become floating debris without the involvement of the owners.

September 17, 2008

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Duck Tape a Business Tool

When times are lean, duck tape is really the way most businesses hold the seams together. What I mean about duck tape in both the conventional sense, and the metaphoric meaning, is that business is a patch work of ideas, vision, and hard work. When finances are low, the duck tape approach takes hold. Everything gets fixed with the duck taped approach, meaning that it is all held together on a day to day basis.

Duck tape is both a literal and metaphoric meaning for a business that is a patchwork of product, advertising, marketing, and manpower. It is the tape of reality, which holds a business together when finances are low. The purpose is to keep everything operational on a short stretch. What it does is test inventiveness, and skill of the owners, and teaches a course in new skills, that prove to be handy though the life of the business. I personally like the duck tape approach at the beginning, because it is not permanent, and literally can be changed any time. I am a fan of doing things loosely when starting a business; it leaves a lot of leeway

Also, this is a good way to test the water, before spending big bucks. What you like and think you need today, will not be what you want tomorrow. It is the tape of inventiveness and tests your ingenuity, while bringing pride with the job that you did. As you can tell duck tape marketing works for me, in fact it helps me perform at my best. It is an exercise is skill, creativity, and desire, which accounts for some pretty cool acrobatics in the private, and public domain.

Entrepreneurs are magicians; they make something out of nothing many times a day. Their act is to make things appear that are new, novel, and work, constantly. There are some pretty clever ways to use the duct tape approach to business, and most business owners have a story or two. Duck tape is not only used in a crisis situation, but is eventually what rekindles a business so it can go a few more miles. It helps you get to the finish line without succumbing to the nicks and dents that precede the event.

Duck tape is both used in a tangible way to hold together material items such as pipes, desk parts, and anything that may be broken, the way that entrepreneurs use it may be in writing their own copy, standing on street corners giving out flyers, and writing their own press releases. The purpose is usually the same to save dwindling funds. Many times, it is used because there are non-existing funds, and is the only way to start a business. Managing with what you have has always been a way businesses survived.

I have used that approach, and found it to be a very reliable. The downside is obvious it has a shelf life. The degree that a business uses it makes the biggest difference, if it is a forever occurrence, than the business may need to rethink their approach. It should be thought of as a stop gap measure that may be needed from time to time, but it is not a solution for every problem. There are times the duck tape approach is workable, and times when you keep taping over and over in the same place, until it is both unsightly and not effective.

But for now keep the tape handy, and use an amble supply, until you find that it is not needed anymore. With the right ingenuity, and some hard work the days of duck tape will be numbered.

September 15, 2008

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The Newbie Blogger’s Beat

As a newbie blogger, this is an exciting venture for me. It will facilitate a chance to be able to find a community of passionate business people. Often circumstances and situations make this an experience, not achieved anywhere to the extent that is possible online. Savvy business people chose to be online for just this reason. Mobility is the biggest feature of online meeting; it accomplishes the impossible, crossing time zones in seconds.

Weaving through the online world, I realize the interacting that takes place by locals of all areas of the planet. It is fulfilling and uplifting, to be able to talk across continents, cities, and states. This discerning new direction of the planets occupants has changed the status quo, performance, and solutions come from the written word. News, and the resources to inspire, helps us all work together for a stronger tomorrow. Endorphin and adrenaline rush though the veins, of both the cyber highway, and the people who participate in this new technology.

The internet awakens our quest for knowledge, in a way that nothing else has addressed. It is our new address, and it can be found by more people could find our land bound home dwelling. It is an oasis of knowledge, possibilities, awareness, and can be a life changing experience. Workshops, college classes, teleconferences, press releases, content, and video entertainment abounds on this media. Can the internet jumpstart a business that has existed in a vacuum? Popular demand prevents a business or blog from falling at the wayside.

I retreat to the internet, and write to meet and greet people, while reigniting a passion for a topic. Moving people, and inspiriting is what makes a collage of all the parts that flow through cyber space, that brings gifts of more than just words and pictures; it instantly transforms the planet and brings it into alignment. It makes one have a wide open life, even if you never leave your living room.

I suspect I will learn a few things from writing the blog, one I can do it, and second the participation will make me a fully engaged participant on this journey.

When I am stuck, fresh and new material will inspire me by seeing though the lenses of other people. The web vocabulary is fearless, and enthusiastic, and it spills over to all the participants in the community. It is like being around people all day without leaving the house. With the help of everyone, a different and new message, is being experience, and delivered every day.

The can do it mentality. is being embraced by teaches, students, and the world of online entrepreneurs. It naturally awakens our sprit with powerful and enlightening content. Our blog is intended to foster creative expression in the business community, which we all share in. We hope to make this a place for concepts that stretch our horizon, so when we look out we see all of us together building a creative economy. By expressing ourselves, we partake in a collaborated effort to tap into a coalition of like minded people.

September 11, 2008

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Breaking the Rules in Marketing

Breaking the rules in marketing is the first thing that you should consider. Remember this is not like breaking the law. These are not hard and fast rules, but a loose group of traditional ways, of approaching getting the word out about your business. Overwhelming evidence is that maverick marketing is catching on. This is the days of immense possibilities, with all the avenues of media, and the technology boom. What will be different about your company may not be the product or service, but the way you present it.

Having been in marketing for many years, I have seen, the way you represent your business is the way the consumer perceives its value. The item you offer has a perceived and intrinsic price, the only way to bring together those two divergent ways of looking at your product, is the story around what you offer. Marketing is telling a story, advertising is showing a picture. Today the view means less than the substance. The substance is always the story; it must be plausible and excite the listener. People are both audio and visual when they take in information, however the picture fades, and the words have the means to be repeated in a different fashion many times over. A picture is worth a thousand words is true, but a good story can be repeated many times.

A good yarn is really like a spin on the truth. Truth is relative in the advertising and marketing arena. Look at any political campaign, or the pubic relation firm that celebrities hire. The truth is in the eyes of the perceiver, it is what they want to hear, and what they wish to believe. Good marketing is not lying, but will optimize the potential of a product or service. I consider this good, because what a customer believes a product will do, will affect the outcome.

I believe the adage promise less and give more. That is the way I think a good business should run. However, I do believe if you do not toot your own horn no one will. Breaking the rules in marketing means telling a true story, and let it take a life of its own, and it usually does. This happens when people are happy with how you deliver; now they embellish the story, because they are giving their take on it. When I tell a story it is the truth, but it is from my perspective, and anyone that knows me will tell you it is the way I see it.

Another person who is either more grounded, or as I say a pessimist tells the same story in a completely different way, neither of us lied. By breaking the rules in marketing, it means doing it your way, and not emulating or relying on other peoples methods. You are in the business of marketing, and the rest is just either product or service. There are no formulas for advertising and marketing, which are going to guarantee you success. But the one thing I do know looking to rules or protocol will hamper your style, and marketing above all is style. It is the creative end of every business, because it allows the most freedom in inventive thinking.

Advertising, and marketing, is the only place where the perceived rules are constantly changed, expanded, and invented. That is why I love this part of business; it works well for right brain thinkers. It keeps you in high gear, and it is way to change what you are doing in mid-stream. You never fail; you just reinvent yourself, your business, and your expectations. For creative thinkers that is the best way to keep your interest and passion alive, and reverse your course in a heartbeat. Good advertising and marketing can morph your business into a larger entity than you envisioned. Every business is the sum total of marketing, advertising, and story. Let the word out about your business with your own content and signature. Only you know the tale of your struggles, successes, and achievement, which is your own creation, your business.

Clermont Marketing September 9, 2008

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This is my section of the blog, where I get to talk about the ways marketing can assist you in promoting your business. From designing a marketing plan, to creating an impact Clermontrocks.com blog will enable you to develop a way to look at the world of customer acquisition in brand new way. I am continuously taking a concept, and finding the vehicle that would turnaround and market a company in intriguing and irresistible packaging. As you can now tell, I use right brain marketing skills.

The creative part of any business is in the vision. For me this is where the entrepreneur gets his start, in inspiration, grand visions, dreams, and a little bit of magical thinking. To be honest, without this there is no sense to pursue any endeavor, going out on a limb is what makes this pursuit an adrenalin rush like no other. This is the land I function best in, without this, the greatness, and genius that we all posses never gets to see the light of day.

Look at it this way where would we be as a society, if some great dreamers and doers, did not take a chance. For those that did and succeeded, the rewards were great, and outweighed the negatives such as struggle, money woes, long hours, and very little sleep. There are those that have failed in terms of monetary success, but my idea of success is in the journey. It is an incredible experience, the people you meet, the learning curve, the creating, and the skills you acquire along the way are priceless. At the time it is not always appreciated, but most people in business are serial entrepreneurs. The reason being, it is what makes them tick, get up in the morning, and keep going through thick and thin.

This is not my first business, and I can tell you quitting is not in my vocabulary. A dream and vision do not just disappear, because it did not take off on the first round. There is an innate desire to test skills, share, and shake things up, or you would not be in the business of creating. Yes, business is creative, and that is what most entrepreneurs find the most inspiring part of the process. Practical considerations become secondary, to the launching of the new enterprise. I wonder how many people realize the sacrifice, and utter panic that follows a new business owner operating in these times.

Sometimes, only a dream and passion can sustain a business, through the turbulent times, and have people come back for more. There are spine chilling moments where the roof seems to be caving in, and the resolve to go on comes from a place deep within. These are facts that most entrepreneurs will not view the way I stated them, mainly because their attitude is that the high points are just around the corner. I know you will not extinguish a fire without throwing water on it, there is not a bucket big enough, or enough water for most of the dreamers, doers, and visionaries.

Clermont business owners have showed a lot of strength, and resilience. This blog is my perspective as to what makes companies succeed. I will concentrate on the need for positive exposure, and profitable marketing for these companies to reach the next level. Just, stay tuned on why I think this is the basis for every great company. This is going to be a very exiting ride, showcasing products, and services, which are efficient at reaching a large online audience.

Hello world! September 9, 2008

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