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Clermont Marketing September 9, 2008

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This is my section of the blog, where I get to talk about the ways marketing can assist you in promoting your business. From designing a marketing plan, to creating an impact Clermontrocks.com blog will enable you to develop a way to look at the world of customer acquisition in brand new way. I am continuously taking a concept, and finding the vehicle that would turnaround and market a company in intriguing and irresistible packaging. As you can now tell, I use right brain marketing skills.

The creative part of any business is in the vision. For me this is where the entrepreneur gets his start, in inspiration, grand visions, dreams, and a little bit of magical thinking. To be honest, without this there is no sense to pursue any endeavor, going out on a limb is what makes this pursuit an adrenalin rush like no other. This is the land I function best in, without this, the greatness, and genius that we all posses never gets to see the light of day.

Look at it this way where would we be as a society, if some great dreamers and doers, did not take a chance. For those that did and succeeded, the rewards were great, and outweighed the negatives such as struggle, money woes, long hours, and very little sleep. There are those that have failed in terms of monetary success, but my idea of success is in the journey. It is an incredible experience, the people you meet, the learning curve, the creating, and the skills you acquire along the way are priceless. At the time it is not always appreciated, but most people in business are serial entrepreneurs. The reason being, it is what makes them tick, get up in the morning, and keep going through thick and thin.

This is not my first business, and I can tell you quitting is not in my vocabulary. A dream and vision do not just disappear, because it did not take off on the first round. There is an innate desire to test skills, share, and shake things up, or you would not be in the business of creating. Yes, business is creative, and that is what most entrepreneurs find the most inspiring part of the process. Practical considerations become secondary, to the launching of the new enterprise. I wonder how many people realize the sacrifice, and utter panic that follows a new business owner operating in these times.

Sometimes, only a dream and passion can sustain a business, through the turbulent times, and have people come back for more. There are spine chilling moments where the roof seems to be caving in, and the resolve to go on comes from a place deep within. These are facts that most entrepreneurs will not view the way I stated them, mainly because their attitude is that the high points are just around the corner. I know you will not extinguish a fire without throwing water on it, there is not a bucket big enough, or enough water for most of the dreamers, doers, and visionaries.

Clermont business owners have showed a lot of strength, and resilience. This blog is my perspective as to what makes companies succeed. I will concentrate on the need for positive exposure, and profitable marketing for these companies to reach the next level. Just, stay tuned on why I think this is the basis for every great company. This is going to be a very exiting ride, showcasing products, and services, which are efficient at reaching a large online audience.



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