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September 11, 2008

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Breaking the Rules in Marketing

Breaking the rules in marketing is the first thing that you should consider. Remember this is not like breaking the law. These are not hard and fast rules, but a loose group of traditional ways, of approaching getting the word out about your business. Overwhelming evidence is that maverick marketing is catching on. This is the days of immense possibilities, with all the avenues of media, and the technology boom. What will be different about your company may not be the product or service, but the way you present it.

Having been in marketing for many years, I have seen, the way you represent your business is the way the consumer perceives its value. The item you offer has a perceived and intrinsic price, the only way to bring together those two divergent ways of looking at your product, is the story around what you offer. Marketing is telling a story, advertising is showing a picture. Today the view means less than the substance. The substance is always the story; it must be plausible and excite the listener. People are both audio and visual when they take in information, however the picture fades, and the words have the means to be repeated in a different fashion many times over. A picture is worth a thousand words is true, but a good story can be repeated many times.

A good yarn is really like a spin on the truth. Truth is relative in the advertising and marketing arena. Look at any political campaign, or the pubic relation firm that celebrities hire. The truth is in the eyes of the perceiver, it is what they want to hear, and what they wish to believe. Good marketing is not lying, but will optimize the potential of a product or service. I consider this good, because what a customer believes a product will do, will affect the outcome.

I believe the adage promise less and give more. That is the way I think a good business should run. However, I do believe if you do not toot your own horn no one will. Breaking the rules in marketing means telling a true story, and let it take a life of its own, and it usually does. This happens when people are happy with how you deliver; now they embellish the story, because they are giving their take on it. When I tell a story it is the truth, but it is from my perspective, and anyone that knows me will tell you it is the way I see it.

Another person who is either more grounded, or as I say a pessimist tells the same story in a completely different way, neither of us lied. By breaking the rules in marketing, it means doing it your way, and not emulating or relying on other peoples methods. You are in the business of marketing, and the rest is just either product or service. There are no formulas for advertising and marketing, which are going to guarantee you success. But the one thing I do know looking to rules or protocol will hamper your style, and marketing above all is style. It is the creative end of every business, because it allows the most freedom in inventive thinking.

Advertising, and marketing, is the only place where the perceived rules are constantly changed, expanded, and invented. That is why I love this part of business; it works well for right brain thinkers. It keeps you in high gear, and it is way to change what you are doing in mid-stream. You never fail; you just reinvent yourself, your business, and your expectations. For creative thinkers that is the best way to keep your interest and passion alive, and reverse your course in a heartbeat. Good advertising and marketing can morph your business into a larger entity than you envisioned. Every business is the sum total of marketing, advertising, and story. Let the word out about your business with your own content and signature. Only you know the tale of your struggles, successes, and achievement, which is your own creation, your business.



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