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September 15, 2008

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The Newbie Blogger’s Beat

As a newbie blogger, this is an exciting venture for me. It will facilitate a chance to be able to find a community of passionate business people. Often circumstances and situations make this an experience, not achieved anywhere to the extent that is possible online. Savvy business people chose to be online for just this reason. Mobility is the biggest feature of online meeting; it accomplishes the impossible, crossing time zones in seconds.

Weaving through the online world, I realize the interacting that takes place by locals of all areas of the planet. It is fulfilling and uplifting, to be able to talk across continents, cities, and states. This discerning new direction of the planets occupants has changed the status quo, performance, and solutions come from the written word. News, and the resources to inspire, helps us all work together for a stronger tomorrow. Endorphin and adrenaline rush though the veins, of both the cyber highway, and the people who participate in this new technology.

The internet awakens our quest for knowledge, in a way that nothing else has addressed. It is our new address, and it can be found by more people could find our land bound home dwelling. It is an oasis of knowledge, possibilities, awareness, and can be a life changing experience. Workshops, college classes, teleconferences, press releases, content, and video entertainment abounds on this media. Can the internet jumpstart a business that has existed in a vacuum? Popular demand prevents a business or blog from falling at the wayside.

I retreat to the internet, and write to meet and greet people, while reigniting a passion for a topic. Moving people, and inspiriting is what makes a collage of all the parts that flow through cyber space, that brings gifts of more than just words and pictures; it instantly transforms the planet and brings it into alignment. It makes one have a wide open life, even if you never leave your living room.

I suspect I will learn a few things from writing the blog, one I can do it, and second the participation will make me a fully engaged participant on this journey.

When I am stuck, fresh and new material will inspire me by seeing though the lenses of other people. The web vocabulary is fearless, and enthusiastic, and it spills over to all the participants in the community. It is like being around people all day without leaving the house. With the help of everyone, a different and new message, is being experience, and delivered every day.

The can do it mentality. is being embraced by teaches, students, and the world of online entrepreneurs. It naturally awakens our sprit with powerful and enlightening content. Our blog is intended to foster creative expression in the business community, which we all share in. We hope to make this a place for concepts that stretch our horizon, so when we look out we see all of us together building a creative economy. By expressing ourselves, we partake in a collaborated effort to tap into a coalition of like minded people.



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