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September 17, 2008

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Duck Tape a Business Tool

When times are lean, duck tape is really the way most businesses hold the seams together. What I mean about duck tape in both the conventional sense, and the metaphoric meaning, is that business is a patch work of ideas, vision, and hard work. When finances are low, the duck tape approach takes hold. Everything gets fixed with the duck taped approach, meaning that it is all held together on a day to day basis.

Duck tape is both a literal and metaphoric meaning for a business that is a patchwork of product, advertising, marketing, and manpower. It is the tape of reality, which holds a business together when finances are low. The purpose is to keep everything operational on a short stretch. What it does is test inventiveness, and skill of the owners, and teaches a course in new skills, that prove to be handy though the life of the business. I personally like the duck tape approach at the beginning, because it is not permanent, and literally can be changed any time. I am a fan of doing things loosely when starting a business; it leaves a lot of leeway

Also, this is a good way to test the water, before spending big bucks. What you like and think you need today, will not be what you want tomorrow. It is the tape of inventiveness and tests your ingenuity, while bringing pride with the job that you did. As you can tell duck tape marketing works for me, in fact it helps me perform at my best. It is an exercise is skill, creativity, and desire, which accounts for some pretty cool acrobatics in the private, and public domain.

Entrepreneurs are magicians; they make something out of nothing many times a day. Their act is to make things appear that are new, novel, and work, constantly. There are some pretty clever ways to use the duct tape approach to business, and most business owners have a story or two. Duck tape is not only used in a crisis situation, but is eventually what rekindles a business so it can go a few more miles. It helps you get to the finish line without succumbing to the nicks and dents that precede the event.

Duck tape is both used in a tangible way to hold together material items such as pipes, desk parts, and anything that may be broken, the way that entrepreneurs use it may be in writing their own copy, standing on street corners giving out flyers, and writing their own press releases. The purpose is usually the same to save dwindling funds. Many times, it is used because there are non-existing funds, and is the only way to start a business. Managing with what you have has always been a way businesses survived.

I have used that approach, and found it to be a very reliable. The downside is obvious it has a shelf life. The degree that a business uses it makes the biggest difference, if it is a forever occurrence, than the business may need to rethink their approach. It should be thought of as a stop gap measure that may be needed from time to time, but it is not a solution for every problem. There are times the duck tape approach is workable, and times when you keep taping over and over in the same place, until it is both unsightly and not effective.

But for now keep the tape handy, and use an amble supply, until you find that it is not needed anymore. With the right ingenuity, and some hard work the days of duck tape will be numbered.



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