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September 20, 2008

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The Problem of an Unmanned Website

An unmanned website is web pages floating in space without direction. There is no publishing of new content, running a forum, blog, newsletter, or taking questions. This is a cost draining website, in that there will be hosting fees, and the entire investment in either time or money is lost through non use. Yes, some businesses put up websites just to have an address in cyberspace, for their customers to view.

This is a business venture with no one at the helm. For a website to have a permanent location in cyber space, and preserve and expand its domain it has to establish itself as a brand. The whole point of a website is to inform, and present ideas, solve problems, entertain, make a point, or instruct. In practice an individual business owner needs to be available to colleagues, customers, and viewers who find the website. Unfortunately this is not always the case; many people depend on an apparently untouched website to hopefully draw attention to their business.

A website welcomes people, and is an expression of the owner, and business model, to do this correctly the website needs to be evaluated, and updated to achieve maximum return. The easiest way to address this is to either to offer your own input, published written content from other sources, or hire out the job of periodically updating your pages. This is really a matter of getting involved, and spending some time adding content. It takes planning, and it will give your business PR coverage, with little to no cost.

How frequently you update is a matter of how well you are optimized. Unless someone comes to the website, which is of course the purpose of the pages, the circulation will dwindle without new information. A website stalls when no one is at the controls. Rolling out content will help you build a following. However, optimization will see that it gets read. One of the best things you can do is take the controls, and focusing on a destination, because the opportunities on the web are exciting and rewarding.

An unmanned website will cost the website, literally without getting involved the website will be immersed and drown, until it is taken down it will just be a reminder of an idea that didn’t come to pass. The initial idea is to have an exciting expression of your business ideas, providing instruction, participation, and service a community. A web page is an accumulation of information, attitude, theories, skills, and experience. These are valuable, and can benefit all that come upon this information in cyberspace.

There has to be a turnover of older information, and maintenance for the instruction, training, and information to be of value. Individuals at the receiving end want to find new information, and reinforcement of the previous content. Adding content has to be ongoing, when you consider that most people that revisit the pages are looking for newer information. Unmanned websites are going to become floating debris without the involvement of the owners.



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